Gabriel Cohen, Self-Defense Coach

Firearms Training | Defensive Mindset | Physical Conditioning

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor | Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Veteran

Denver, Colorado

I am passionate about teaching people skills that will improve the way they live their lives.

This means learning how to hone one’s own self-defense and security abilities. When people learn how to effectively do this, their confidence improves and anxiety decreases.

Equipment does not equal security. Skill does.

My mission is to help you gain confidence in your ability to keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe.

Six months after I completed my military service as a Combat Engineer and Sniper in the Israeli special forces, I relocated to Colorado, where I began working in the firearms and self-defense industry. I am certified in NRA Pistol Instruction, I work in a company that provides legal defense for individuals who act in self-defense, as an instructor for concealed carry classes, and I work in security.

Schedule a free, 30-minute phone call with me today, to discover what your specific needs are and to create goals.

From there, I will build out a tailored program, customized to help you develop and sharpen those skill areas.

The safety of you and your family is your responsibility.

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We are seeing some major changes in the way society handles and experiences crime. Just in the past few years in Denver alone, the following crime rates have increased significantly.

  • Reported violent crime is up 8.9%

  • Property crime is up 6.1%

  • Domestic violence is up 10.6%

  • Sex assault is up 10.9%

  • Serious assaults are up 9.5%

  • Robberies are up 6.0%

Active shooter incidents have also been on a steady increase. Bottom line is this: in the event of an incident, it often takes police at least a few minutes to arrive after being called and dispatched. If there is an emergency, YOU are the first responder. The more of us who have the skills it takes to save lives, the safer our cities and loved ones become.