My story.

I come from a long line of soldiers. My paternal grandfather fought in Korea in the 1950s and my maternal grandfather served as the Captain of the Tilefish Battle Ship and was a survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. My father served during the Gulf War with the Israeli military in 1991.

I was born in Israel in a small town called Neve Oved, near Tiberius. My parents moved back to the United States when I was 2 years old to Anoka, Minnesota, where I was raised.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to serve in the military. Even at a young age, I could sense it had something important to teach me. So, when I moved back to Israel with my parents and younger siblings in 2012, I drafted into the Israeli army.

I had the privilege of serving in the Israeli Special Forces for three years. Through rigorous military training, and on the ground events, I learned teamwork and comradery. More importantly, I learned the true extent of mental fortitude and the human capacity for overcoming hardships.

During my service, I was trained as a Sharpshooter with the Tavor X95, as well as a Sniper on the M24, while learning Israeli combative tactics. I also attended several security courses afterwards, specializing in Israeli pistol tactics and security.

I moved to Colorado in 2016 after completing my IDF service, as I was drawn to the outdoors lifestyle that the mountains and culture offer. Upon moving, I began working in the self-defense industry and through my job studied American tactics in depth. I attended hundreds of classes taught by retired Police Officers, Navy Seals, Competitive Shooters, and everyone in-between.

While my coaching sessions are based on these American techniques, I do incorporate my unique perspective and experience with Israeli methodology into my sessions. Israel and The United States regularly cross-train, and with techniques constantly evolving, it's important to become aware of different styles so you can train with the most effective aspects of both.

No matter what area of focus you are looking work on, thank you for trusting me with your time.

-Gabriel Cohen