Training customized for you.

During your free consultation, we will identify the most important aspects of training for you-- based on your goals, skills, and yes, weaknesses. After we've identified those, we will work together to build a training regimen that is tailored to your needs.


How much do you charge?

Contact me for a personalized quote. Clients are responsible for paying for their own ammunition, and range fees when applicable.

Will this training get me my Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP)?

Yes, I offer this service. Before I sign your CHP certificate I will need to insure you can safely handle and fire a pistol, as well as verify that you have a clear grasp on Colorado gun law. I will also give you both affordable and free resources to help you learn and understand the laws, as they relate to defense of self and others.

Where will we train?

This depends on every client’s specific needs and actual location. Oftentimes, this can look like local shooting ranges, home visits, or other vicinities.

What guns will we be shooting?

I work with clients who both already own a specific firearm with which they want to improve their proficiency, as well as those who are looking to purchase their first one. I can work to help you narrow your options and choose a gun that best fits your needs.